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What People Are Saying

“This is a very interesting newsletter. Clear, well-written tips in digestible chunks, appropriate for any level.”

Teddy KimJiuJitsology

“I'm glad I found your page cause you've got a fantastic way of wording things and helping a lot of a people keep on their path!”

Auiliwhite belt competitor

“Thank you for the help. Thank you for providing this platform.”

Joey "CoCo" DiazComedian, Founder of Laughing Gas

“This is timely...Keep up the great work. Between you, the MyWhiteBelt podcast and emails from Chewjitsu...I plan to keep my head in the game. Would love to get my Blue Belt to make it to the next step on my BJJ journey but it is really not about that. Just really enjoy it!”

Jeffrey Kwhite belt

“Your newsletter is comprehensive. The format works for me. The right mixture of an idea or mindset to consider. Plus a wrap up of social media. And links to techniques. It’s the Goldilocks level of information.” belt

“I love the newsletter!!! I love the psychology behind it.”

R.S.white belt

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