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TFS#105: Easy and Flashy X Guard Pass, Weight Loss, & Adjustments

“I dream for a living.” — Steven Spielberg

Social media only shows a faction of who we really are.

And it’s important to keep in mind we’re only seeing a fraction of a person on the internet.

So don't let their fraction of their personality be a distraction.

Focus on your visions, filter out the noise, and continue to move forward with what you want for your future.

Being loud doesn’t make them right.

Now, on to today’s topic…


X Guard passing: Manage your hip positioning

Last week, we looked at the X Guard transition when our opponent postures up and breaks our Closed Guard.

Today, we’re flipping the roles and now will look at ways to pass the X Guard.

The most common (and probably easiest) way of passing is the back step.

🔑 Key detail: The guard player wants to be directly underneath your hips. By turning your knee inward and settling back, you are moving yourself off from being directly on top of your opponent.

Here’s a video of JT Torres sharing his details on passing the X Guard.

If you want something a little more spicy, you can drop into the Leg Drag!(One of my favorites. They won’t see it coming.)


Weight cutting for competition

You want to cut to get down to the next weight class.

15lbs over weight? (I think that’s 6.8kg)


Resources you’ll love

🥋 What about the Single Leg X? JT Torres goes over the variation here. (link)

👉 Single Leg X Evolution: From top 10 ranked FloGrappling black belt Adam Benayoun, shares his entire knowledge of the position in his instructional. Use code TFS34 for a 34% discount. (link)

🥋 When and why you switch from Single Leg X and Regular X Guard. (link)

🥋 Some times your bracket is really thin..or even empty. Go up in weight or down in age? (link)

🥋 Overstressed and need something to really mellow you out to get you to bed? You may need this dosage. (link)

Links with an 👉 emoji is an ad or affiliate link.


You have to change your schedule

Jiu-Jitsu is addicting.

It’s a load of fun.

For some of us, it’s our therapy.

Even if that means having to decrease the frequency of training.

Or you have to train at 6am.

If you don’t want to fall behind in Jiu-Jitsu, make sure your schedule makes sense.

As a reminder, it shouldn’t be stressful, you should always be enjoying the process.

See you on the mats,


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