TFS#110: Lasso Sweep, Treat Your Neck, & BJJ Is Bad For You

"An essential component of mastery is the ability to maintain your enthusiasm."— James Clear

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The master continues to find the fundamentals interesting.

You’ll hear about how Black Belts feel like they’re “starting from zero” once they get to that level.”

But in reality, you’re going to need this mindset at all levels.

Whether you’re just in your own head or life’s responsibilities begin to pile up.

Either way, the fundamentals always work and will always be there for you.

Don’t forget them.

Now on to today’s topic…


Lasso Sweep

There are variations of Lasso Sweeps and I think it’s great to start at a lower belt.

The Lasso will buy you some time and slow down the passer.

This is helpful at all levels but nice for lower belts to give them more time to see and process what’s going on.

And it’s still used by upper belts.

I would even suggest to use the first day of training to specific spar starting in Lasso so you can get the extra repetition.

Then, for the rest of week, test out your sweeps in real sparring rounds.

🔑 Key detail: Make sure to pull on the sleeve when you are using the Lasso. Pull your elbow back and try to get your knuckles behind your own thigh if you can.

And if f you’re curious to learn the pros and cons between a Shallow Lasso and a Deep Lasso, reply with “Lasso” to this email.


Treating Your Neck

Bad posture from your daily routine can hurt your Jiu-Jitsu.

Jiu-Jitsu can hurt your daily routine.

The cycle can be endless.

If your neck doesn’t hurt, don’t take it for granted.


Resources you’ll love

  • Watch this video to pick up various sweeps from your favorite guard positions. (link)

  • Like the Lasso Guard? Give yourself some attacking options in addition to the sweeps. (link)

  • Pass the Lasso Guard (or learn how to prevent them from getting out of your guard.) (link)

  • Get to know your body better to improve your recovery state. (link)

  • Blue belt is the hardest belt. Don’t neglect fundamentals for the fun stuff. (link)


Jiu-Jitsu Is Destroying Your Body

More so than any other martial arts or sports I’ve taken up in my life.

Our bodies are meant to walk, run, and throw.

…not to be on our backs while carrying a bunch of weight.

Although we are capable of carry a heavy load from the floor, we’re not meant to spend hours doing it.

Almost every other sport requires us to stay on our feet.

Slowly, but surely warping our hips, back, neck, upper body, all of it.

And if you’re just showing up to class and neglecting recovery or exercises to undo what you’ve done in BJJ, you’re putting yourself at high risk for injuries.

I love Jiu-Jitsu and it’s not going anywhere for me anytime soon.

But I’m aware of those effects it has on my body and I’m willing to put in the time to undo those negative effects.

The same way you’ve taken action to challenge yourself with Jiu-Jitsu, take action to nurture your body.

Talk soon,


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