TFS#91: Avoid Side Control, Strong Shoulders, & Quitting

Doing something different is scary, but we all learn along the way.

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Now onto today’s topic…

Technique Of The Week: Octopus Guard Sweeps

We all learn the hip bump sweep from close guard as white belts.

If you hip bump, they’ll post the arm—no sweep.

But if you hip bump and trap the arm—sweep.

The same concept applies for the Octopus Guard.

The cross face will come and you’ll swim underneath and come up on your elbow.

Trap the ankle and bump sweep. (Image below)

Most people will try to drop their hip after you beat their cross face.

Be quick to cup their ankle and sweep.

And that’s just one option from the Octopus Guard.

Jiu-Jitsu Longevity: Painless Shoulders

To avoid shoulder pain, you need know these 3 tips:

  1. Improve shoulder range of motion.

  2. Strengthen stabilizing muscles around shoulders.

  3. Tap early, tap often.

Believe me, your shoulder is worth more than your ego.

If your ego is strong, at the very least, please work on your shoulders.

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Closing Thought: Keep going

If you’ve set a goal and have fallen short, don’t count yourself out.

You have 11 more months to tweak and tinker.

Keep an open mind in the event you need to adjust your expectations.

But if you’re reading this, it probably isn’t because of a lack of effort.

Surround yourself with the people that believe in you and spend more time in places that will elevate your work.

Whether it’s shedding distractions, learning a new technique, or getting your diet right—your environment affects how you make decisions.

I’ll see you on the mats,


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