TFS#94: Leg Trap Pass, Mobility, & Not Being Alone

Some times we apply the trap and some times we fall for the trap.

The hardest part of writing is explaining something complex in a simple way.

Especially with Jiu-Jitsu.

You need to see it in motion, have it explained, and then feel it yourself.

So reading isn’t the norm.

But we’re not trying to do the norm here.

Now onto today’s topic…

Technique Of The Week: Leg Trap Lasso Pass

One of the most common guards we see in the competitive scene is the Lasso Guard.

You’ll see it played at almost every belt level.

Some times you’ll end up in the double lasso which is extremely pesky to deal with.

For today, we’ll cover the more common Spider-Lasso.

You can break down the process into 3 general stages:

  1. Stabilize base

  2. Clear Spider side

  3. Deal with Lasso side

Jiu-Jitsu Longevity: Importance of Mobility

Increasing your mobility will:

  • Help you develop a stronger, more complex guard

  • Allow you to have a stronger base when moving through low-stance positions like Knee-Cuts and Headquarters

  • Make you more dynamic when wrestling up or transitioning through takedowns

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Closing Thought: You’re Not Doing This Alone

Some days are crap.

Your Jiu-Jitsu is trash.

It feels like the lower belts are catching up to you.

If you’ve been training consistently, nine times out of ten it’s not that you’ve stopped progressing, it’s just that the rest of the gym is getting better with you.

Don’t forget, you’ve contributed to their improvement.

You roll with them, drill with them, share ideas, show them counters to your own move…

Of course they’re going to have good days.

Maybe today just wasn’t your turn.

But that’s okay.

Because everyday, you’re part of a team that’s constantly leveling up.

Don’t sell yourself short.

I’ll see you on the mats,


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