TFS#96: Defending Common Passes, Endurance, & Self-Doubt

Turn everything off and focus on one topic.

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Pick a technique.

Turn everything off.

Spend a few minutes just thinking about it.

Sometimes all it takes to make the connection is to give your mind the space to focus.

Now onto today’s topics…


Defending Knee Cut Pass

You’ll run into the Knee Cut Pass from everyone.

It’s just a great pass plus it connects to many other options.

So nonetheless, you should learn to defend against it.

When watching each technique, I encourage you to look for the overall common theme here.


Your Gas Tank

If you feel like you need to improve your cardio for Jiu-Jitsu, there’s two things you can do:

  • Shed weight to move less mass

  • Train for explosiveness

With similar technique levels, the grappler with better cardio has a decisive advantage over a less-conditioned opponent.

Even a stronger opponent with less cardio will weaken as the intensity of the exchanges grows and the recovery time between exchanges decreases.

And incase you need help shedding the last few pounds…

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Self-Doubt Doesn’t Discriminate

Whatever skill level you may be, self-doubt can creep into your training.

Overcoming it once doesn’t mean it can’t come up again.

I’m not trying to scare you, but just reminding you that it can pop up every so often—in different forms.

There’s the blue belt blues. Or at purple belt you’ll feel chased by blue belts. Or somehow at brown belt you feel like you’re so close, yet so far. Then at black belt, you’re not sure if you’re even worthy of it.

And some times it’s hard to talk to people you know because you feel like it’s embarrassing.

That’s one reason why I started this newsletter, to connect with people I wouldn’t normally be able to connect to.

The human connection is what brings this newsletter life and makes Jiu-Jitsu worth training.

But we have the resources of each other to help ease the growing pains of this journey.

Don’t let your doubts stick around too long.


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