TFS#99: Float Over, Important Joints, & Fighting Yourself

"Embracing chaos might be the journey we take to finding peace."  —Rachel Hollis

The world seems like it’s getting crazier everyday. It’s just been amplified.

That’s what social media does.

It makes the good look like a dream and the bad like a nightmare.

But it’s neither of those.

The world has always been full of good and bad.

Just because things feel bigger doesn’t mean they are.

Think about that the next time you’re looking at your social media feed.

Focus on what you have direct control over, including your thoughts.

Now on to today’s topics…


Float Pass - Hips don’t lie

Using the angling of your hips, you’ll be able to move around the your opponent’s frames.

Remember: frames only work in one direction. So you either move around it, or you move the frame.

The best way to enter this pass is from HQ when your opponent is denying the Knee Cut and the Leg Weave.

Can’t go left or right? Go down the middle.

Post your arms out, just underneath their armpits.

🔑 Key detail: Place your hands on the mat to keep your balance. Your chest should be heavy over your opponent. This allows your legs to move while maintaining top pressure.

Pull back your knees and weave into a Leg Drag.

The Leg Drag isn’t quite a pass but more of a position. And it’s a great place to be.

If you want to know where you can go from here, reply with “leg drag” and I’ll share some great options with you.


Knees, Hips, Ankles

For inflexible BJJ practitioners, you’re at a slight disadvantage.

You have to work a little harder to keep up with your peers.

Whether or not that’s “fair” in Jiu-Jitsu…that’s Jiu-Jitsu.

So, let’s get you flexible…or at least less inflexible.


Resources you’ll find valuable

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👉 One workout will save you time and your health. (link)

🥋 Why your new technique probably isn’t going to work. (link)

🥋 The difference between you and competitors and how to close that gap. (link)

🥋 Another angle and extra details on the Float Pass. (link)

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Who’s better?

Earlier this week, I asked the my followers on X if they could pass their own guard.

I think it’s a fun little thing to think about to evaluate where you are in your training.

Does your guard need work? Or does your passing need work?

(The answer is probably “both.”)

But asking yourself this question does help you identify what you can prioritize in the upcoming weeks.

Because always having something you can work on is the best way to develop your BJJ skills.

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